Brief Introduction


Great Cultivation, Defining Benchmark
Founded in 2006, Taizhou BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd has become a large high-tech modern enterprise mainly selling electric motorcycle and electric bicycle, and it is specialized in researching and developing products, manufacturing and designing, selling and offering service after developing and precipitating for a dozen years. For 12 years, as the China's female electric bicycle leader, BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd has been concentrating on researching, developing and manufacturing female electric bicycle and creating unique, young and individuation brand in the new energy vehicle field. The company has an excellent designer team, which leads the trend of design and manufacture with solid professional skills and visual creativity. The subordinate brands “the Charm of Benod” and “Benod S” had become the benchmark of the domestic female electric bicycle.

Top Strength, Encouraging Ahead
BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd currently owns two manufacturing bases in Taizhou and Henan. Taizhou base covers an area of 30000m2, and the building area of 40000m2, which owns the annual production capacity of 300 thousand vehicles, while Henan base covers an area of 60000m2, and the building area of 70000m2.  Total annual production capacity can be up to 600 thousand vehicles, total investment is 460 million RMB.

Elites Gathering, Quality First
BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd Possesses delicate designing capability and exquisite manufacturing technique, industry’s top production equipment and assembly line. The company now has over 600 staff, among which over 100 professional management personnel, including 15 engineers and senior engineers. BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd focus on high-quality, having a professional production and manufacture team to do professional work, is positively making an intercommunicating ecological chain of production, selling and life in order to present the prefect new energy travel living environment.

Precision Management, Creating Win-win
BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has a creative and kind sales team who offers butler service to our customers and realizes true win-win cooperation by using the elaborate and humanized market cooperation model, standing at a dealer’s prospective and starting from the reality.

High-spirited and Vigorous, Composing Youth
We need dreamy young people to inject vitality to this rapid developing modern society; we also need dreamy enterprises to create brilliance in this transformation electric bicycle industry. BENOD Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd is creating more professional modern female electric bicycle with a group of dreamy people - we are young, we are writing a new page of future!


Corporate culture


I. Integrity
1. Say what we think and do what we say-open and direct communication;
2. Respect others as we would like to be respected.
3. Dare to admit your mistakes-do not blame others;
4. Strive to set an example when doing everything.

II. Customer services
1. Understand customers’ needs and meet their needs
2. Increase customer value;
3. Solve customer problems promptly
4. Be good at analyzing problems and taking action from the perspective of customers.

III. Pursuit of excellence
1. Knowledge of the full range of operations and how to leverage expertise to add value to the system;
2. Strive to improve product quality, reduce product costs and provide high-quality products and services;
3. Adopt a reasonable system and urge the results to be produced and fairly evaluated.

IV. Innovation

1. Reflect your thoughts;
2. Challenge new thinking and new approaches.
3. Utilize existing industrial technology and explore creative ideas to bring benefits to Benod customers

Corporate honor


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